The Adelphi Films Collection:

A Unique collection of British Films from the 1940s and 50s.

Adelphi Films Limited was a major producer and distributor of British films throughout the 1940s and 1950s. It produced and distributed numerous feature films, more than 40 of which form this special collection. Advance Films was its sister production company.

Adelphi  is a family business, established  by Arthur Dent and managed by him and his two sons Stanley and David Dent. It is now managed by Arthur Dent’s grand daughter Kate Lees. The company retains rights and ownership of the catalogue and the material which is held and preserved by the BFI. We work closely with the BFI to remaster and make these fabulous titles available again. 

  • a unique collection of screen gems
  • a wonderful cast list of British Stars
  • household names at the start of their careers
  • a unique piece of British social and cinema history
  • nostalgia – comedies – thrillers – melodramas and musicals
  • located and preserved at the BFI Archive
  • master material on HD 
  • original publicity stills, contemporary reviews and posters
  • original music
  • production cost details and accounts available
  • fully documented including contracts and correspondence with the stars
  • all rights owned and controlled by the family that founded the company


Stars from the fifties