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Stars in Your Eyes Guardian review February 2021

Vic Pratt of the BFI devotes a chapter to Fun at St Fannys – a rollicking schoolboy comedy with corny jokes galore.
Fun at St Fannys chapter in ‘The Bodies Beneath’.

Allen Eyles presents a history of Adelphi and its productions, its stars, and the struggle to digitise Stars in Your Eyes
The Veteran  December 2019

A review of this excellent short film starring the wonderful Stanley Baker in a virtuoso performance
Tell-Tale Heart  Sunday Times 28-10-18

The story of how this long lost film was discovered in a remote Scottish attic.
Tell-Tale Heart  The Times 23-10-2018

Stanley was a director of Adelphi all his life together with his father Arthur and his brother David.
Stanley Dent  obituary  Independent 29-08-2012

The Crowded Day is an excellent drama about a group of shop girls in a department store, living together in a hostel. Made on location at Bourne and Hollingsworth this feature talks the real girls behind the story.
The Virgins Retreat  Sunday Express 20-02-2011

A history of Adelphi, its work with the BFI and how the films are being digitised and restored.
Saga Magazine February 2011

Guillermin directed 3 films for Adelphi and produced 2 more from 1949 to 1954 before going to Hollywood to make successful blockbusters (Towering Inferno, King Kong. This is his biography.
John Gullermin – The Crowded Day, Songs of Paris, Torment/Paper Gallows

Dorothy Squires talked about her role in ‘Stars in Your Eyes’ to Ann Montini. Ann is a theatre producer and was also a variety artiste who knew Dorothy and her ex husband Sir Roger Moore well. 
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Stars from the fifties