None of the Directors have received any remuneration for many decades. The company has run at a loss and has only survived due to support from the Dent family.
Sadly we do not anticipate that the forthcoming DVD releases will change this position significantly due to the high cost of restoration and transfer to HD.

Kate Lees – Chair of the Board

Kate is Arthur Dent’s grand daughter. She has been running the company since 2007.

Her previous  career was as a public sector manager.

Jean Bloom – Director

Jean is also Arthur Dent’s grand daughter and is Kate’s sister. Her career has been in social work

Martha Bloom – Director
Martha is Arthur Dent’s great grand daughter.
She has a first class degree in theatre studies. She is an academic working on  innovation in the creative industries
Richard Jeffs – Director

Richard’s career is in Television. He manages several archives including film and literature from the post war period. He is the Board’s specialist adviser on TV and licensing of clips and extracts.


 Adrian Zak – Director

Adrian works as a Film and TV consultant. He has worked for Sovereign Films Distribution, managed Virgin Media’s transactional film and TV service, was Senior Scheduler for Sky Movies and helped to launch Sky Arts where he was Head of Programming. 

Stars from the fifties