Funding the restoration.

Adelphi Films has run at a break-even or loss in recent years as income has been used to digitise and restore the titles.  The company survives due to the support of a few generous individuals and of the Dent family.

Directors receive no remuneration and despite some sales of Bluray, DVD and broadcast and internet, it is not anticipated this position will change, due to the high cost of digitisation, restoration and transfer to higher resolution formats.

We have been very fortunate that complete restorations of the 3 of the films – Stars in Your Eyes, Penny Points to Paradise and Lets Go Crazy have been funded by very generous private donations from individuals. The lottery has funded restoration of 6 titles and the BFI funded 12 titles for Bluray and DVD release.

The BFI is a charity and has many calls on its limited funds. We are extremely grateful to them for the wonderful work that they have done with the collection and preservation of the mater material. 

If you would like to contribute to the cost of restoration please
contact us.


The Dent family would like to thank everyone who has supported the Company with enthusiasm for the films and in many cases with professional expertise with no thought of financial reward. They are too many to mention them all but…

Special thanks are due to :

 Richard Jeffs for his  endless enthusiasm, time, energy, and immense professional expertise and knowledge of the industry.

The memory of Bill Allan who was a Director and gave his time, expertise and  enthusiasm for many years. We miss him always.

Penny Points to Paradise and Let’s Go Crazy would not have been restored without the support of Laura Camuti. Her generosity and enthusiasm have been boundless.

The many people who gave generously to restore Stars in Your Eyes.

Ken Balkwill who has been a generous benefactor to the Company and a staunch supporter.

 Vic Pratt and the staff  at the BFI archive for their support, enthusiasm and patience and for the wonderful work they are doing with the collection.

The memory of Nicci Crowther who introduced Bill and Richard to the company

Stars from the fifties